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My Farm Story Begins...

Welcome to the Agape Farm blog.

I am excited that you're here! I have been dreaming about farming for quite some time and I am eager to share more of my story with you all as it continues to be written -- so here I am starting a blog!

My hope is that by sharing my story, you will not only be able to follow along with my farming journey, but that you will also be inspired to continue taking the steps to make your dreams -- whatever they may be -- a reality.

Who is Farmer Mel...

I am a wife and mother in a beautifully blended family, a dog mom, an educator, a lover of sunshine, clouds and rainbows and a collector of many things...including seeds of course :)

I'm an introvert and am quite comfortable in the peace of my home, but I love having a good time with family and friends too (any fellow Geminis here?!).

I am truly a big kid with a big heart who loves serving my community and seeing other people win.

It Started in Nature...

Since childhood, I have always loved being outdoors. I spent many a day hiking, camping, going to the park and riding bikes; being in nature breathed life into my soul. In adulthood, being in the garden is what nourishes my soul. It is my sanctuary and gives me space to think, dream and hope for my future. It is in the garden that the "seed" for Agape Farm was planted in my heart.

More of the Agape Farm story to come in the next post.


Seeds are being started, the land is being cultivated and I am doing all the things to prepare for a spectacular growing season.

I'm excited for all of the beautiful blooms this summer.

Don't miss the first bloom -- follow Agape Farm on Instagram!

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