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Agape Farm is an urban farm located in Prince George's County Maryland.  We are honored to steward the land that allows us to bring food and flowers to our community; therefore, we strive to use environmentally friendly growing practices that show love to our local ecosystem and our planet.  These practices allow us to improve our soil health to grow the best food for our community and blooms for our bouquets.  Our growing practices are for the good of our plants, the good of the people and the good of our planet. 



Hey there!  I'm Melanie, the farmer behind Agape Farm.  I've had my hands in the "dirt" as long as I can remember.  My agricultural heritage spans many generations and I find great joy in growing food and flowers. 


I am a Master Gardener, growing for over 10 years, a National Board Certified educator, teaching for over 17 years, and a returning generation farmer.  I am fueled by my desire to fulfill my life's purpose of helping my community and am blessed to be able to do that on a daily basis through teaching and farming.

My love affair with farming and flowers is inspired by my grandmother, nurtured by my mom and will leave a lasting legacy for my daughter.


As the granddaughter of farmers, it was not by chance that the seed for Agape Farm was planted in my heart at an early age.  Whether I was harvesting Muscadine grapes off the vine with my grandma in South Carolina or growing sunflowers in the garden of my childhood home, cultivating the soil is in my DNA.

Like all of us, living through the pandemic was life-altering.  I was navigating being a wife, mother and teacher, and having my hands in the earth saved me during this season of life.  Grounding myself in nature, tending to seedlings, nurturing growing plants, and harvesting the fruits of my labor shined the light on my purpose.

Agape Farm was birthed from my passion and love for growing and heart for helping people.  Not only am I stewarding land, but I am stewarding a dream to help nourish the bodies, minds and souls of my community through fresh, locally grown food and beautiful, locally grown flowers. 


The soil is my sanctuary and it is my hope and prayer that through the work of my hands, you experience joy and feel loved.



You can trust that love was poured into the growth of our flowers.  When you buy flowers from Agape Farm,  know that each seed was planted with care, each plant tended to with intention and each flower harvested with the hope of spreading love.


Whether you are purchasing flowers for yourself or someone you love, each bouquet is created with the intent of filling your soul with love through each bloom.

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